Winter Games

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Princess Celestia's idea, that the next Equestria Games should have a winter section meant transporting supply of snowclouds and equipment to Crystal Empire. This quest fell down to the mane six. Rainbow Dash gathered and stuffed the clouds into Derpy Hooves's wagon. Rarity and Twilight were supplying cushioning and stabilizing charms and Fluttershy flying vanguard.
"Ooooh, I'm so nervouscited about this!" Pinkie jumped around.
"Still not a real word," gritted Applejack, pulling a wagon of equipment.
"This is the best transportation action in the history of Equestria!" Pinkie went on. "And the biggest success too! Trans-success!"
Applejack rolled her eyes.


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We need to go Derper.

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To je boží nápad!
A YAY for Pinks, i když občas už je prostě na facku :D

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Jsem ráda, že máš radost :)

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