I will love you anyway

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NESÚŤŽNÉ f/f, yay (but I don´t know what PEGI says about it)! Cause if you wanna het, you better watch Steel.
I´d like to say, it´s N.´s friend who thinks/says "Don´t look". Don´t watch me not knowing hw to do what I do wanna do, N.


The hands grabbed N. as she entered, and, speechless in surprise, forced her to the chamber.
She looked up to meet her friend´s eyes. Scared they were - yet, she started to undress with determination. But as her shirt was off, she pausd, cluelss.
N. got up and gently pushed her on the bed. Her friend was trembling, and she looked her in the eyes with unspoken "you don´t have to do this, don´t be scared".
Her friend relaxed, but nodded. Strucked by awe and disbelief, N. continued speaking with her hands. "Thank you - thank you for trusting me" - chanted they.

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Inspired by - reality. And kinky stuff.
Kindly excuse my Eng., darling.


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Super! (bacha na písmenko e, párkrát ti v textu uteklo... ;) )

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