Bullies are always cowards

Obrázek uživatele Roy
Úvodní poznámka: 

You know why bullies only intimidate people who are much weaker than they are?
Because they are afraid of losing a fight.


His view of the sky was blocked by a rampaging barricade of shoes, for he resisted the irresistible. The act of opposing a powerful entity wasn't a wise choice, but neither was the act of beating a defenseless woman.

Reckoned powerless, the stomping stopped. He rose heavily injured. With bloody clothes and a bruised body, he stared blankly at who it seemed to be in charge, reached for his hidden pocket, and leaped stabbing him in the chest.

Stunned by the swift events, everyone suddenly lost their hearts, tossed their legs on their shoulders and escaped. Broken, he stood victorious.

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