The Treatment

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Are you waiting for something nice and happy, filled with rainbow farting unicorns? Well, you obviously don't know me very well. Enjoy.
Warning: Spoiler for the fifth season.


Maybe he was already too old for all the drama. He used to be different. He didn’t care. But now, he felt empty. Alone. Everybody were moving on with their lives, but him.
Every person in the house hated him. He didn’t blame them. He felt the same way.
Maybe his kind shouldn‘t live this long. He knew, he was broken. Sick.
He locked the bathroom door and opened the case. His thigh was already swollen. Painful to touch. He ignored it, inserting the needle into his flesh.
Maybe it will be worth it. Maybe he will get another chance.


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Okamžitě toho nech, ty sladkej zlej pitomečku! A upaluj k doktorovi.

Obrázek uživatele Karin Schecter

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