Shooting In Silence

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Please ignore the fact that in reality, it would be full of typos, no punctuation etc. It was already gross enough to write this.
Warning: language, abuse


Hornyfrank69: Look at those tits!
Hornyfrank69 sent a photo.
Shutupandsuckmydick is typing.
Pornislife123 is typing.
Pornislife123: I would fuck her so hard!
Shutupandsuckmydick: Dude, where are you finding these?
Hornyfrank69: Works downstairs. Always brings me something to sign. Every time I want to bend her over the table and fuck her until she screams!
Shutupandsuckmydick sent a photo.
Hornyfrank69: Look at the pussy!
Shutupandsuckmydick: I know right?
Callmedaddy666 joined the group.
Pornislife123: What do you guys think they would say if they saw this? LOL.
Callmedaddy666: They'd be happy so many guys want to fuck them!
Hornyfrank69 sent a photo.

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Because the Internet is a weapon on its own. Inspired by a scandal in the US army when Marines posted and discussed photos of their female colleagues. Also inspired by so many other similar cases happening online. There is so much abuse online and often, nobody is punished for it.


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Yeah, harrasment online is a serious problem and nobody is doing much about nit. It seriously sucks...
Drabble is great tho! :)

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