Only Wrong Choices

Obrázek uživatele Tess
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Bez nároku na bodík.
Děje se paraelně s Blančinou stoslůvkou.


„Use portals only in life or death situation,“ said Thorne.
That was in Venice.
Since then she used it once. On his command.
It was life or death situation, in Syria.
It was life or death situation in here, right?
She had no training. But she was able to open portal already, twice.
There was a portal leading near to where he was, she could tell. She could use him as a point of focus, open the portal...
The order was to stay.
She hit the table in frustration.
How is she supposed to know what’s right?
She‘ll learn, soon.


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Te napínání, toto...

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Ano, prosím.

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