Matters of Mind and Heart

Obrázek uživatele Blanca
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Jedno hodně pozdní (a hodně vágní) testovací. Nebojte, ono se to vysvětlí.


The safety net of a family.
The conservative Christian upbringing.
The prism of her books, photographs and research.
Those bubbles burst when she deplaned in Damascus - in a different world.

The academic assignment.
The expectations of her new mentor.
The limitations set by her new culture and her youth.
She surpassed them all, burying herself in her work with artifacts.

The hope that it will be enough.
The belief that what they were doing was good.
The wide-eyed fascination with each new discovery.
He popped those, one by one. Not with cruelty or intent. With indifference.

That's why she turned.

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