Wild Goose Chase

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Third deployment after his father disappeared Thorne felt like he's been down every single track in this God forsaken country.
Then he noticed a crack in the rocks for the first time, or got new piece of intel and off he went again. At first only in his spare time. Then he started cutting back sleep - nightmares didn't allow for rest anyway.
"Commander, ya better snap out of it, before ya get us all killed!" his Lieutenant growled, as he tackled him to the ground, bullets wheezing past. Because this time Thorne got distracted during assignment.
Something needed to change.


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Jé, tohle mi uniklo.
Chudák Thorne.
Je ve stadiu Házet čokoládu z bezpečné vzdálenosti... ale stejně by mě zakousl.

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oh gods...

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