Behind the Scenes in Fitton

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"Now," Carolyn adjusted her screen until she was perfectly centered, then sat back. How did she look so regal and commanding in a Zoom meeting?

" must be wondering why I've gathered you all here?"

"No murders yet, Douglas. But don't test me. Now, about Arthur-"

"His YouTube videos?" Herc leaned forward.

"You're not going to ask him to stop?"

"Why would I, Martin? I've been wondering how to keep OJS relevant, and here's hours of advertising!"

"Above all, free advertising," Douglas muttered.

"Yes, well." Carolyn shrugged. "So, keep him going. Understood?"

Martin nodded. Finally, an excuse to call him.


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Zoom meetins are very relevant nowadays. :D

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We're all working from home, even air-dots! Thank you for the lovely comment. :)

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