All PR is Good PR

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"Now listen carefully..."

"Of course, mum!" Arthur couldn't help but feel a little hurt. He always listened very carefully.

"Next time you're filming one of your little videos, make sure to mention OJS as often as possible."

Arthur frowned. "Are you sure?"

"Yes!" They were on the phone, but Arthur could see the annoyance on her face anyway.

"It's just, I can say it a lot."

"As often," she insisted, "as possible."

"Right. So, 'Welcome, OJS, to, OJS, the, OJS-"

"No, idiot child! Sensibly!"

"Oh, right! So, OJS, OJS, OJS, OJS-"

Five minutes later, mum said she'd changed her mind.


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But this is exactly what my mum would do. Very often.

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"No, idiot child!" :D Why is this so funny (and without context kind of sad but we'll leave that out, I'd rather laugh)?

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