Good Enough

Obrázek uživatele Kahvi
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Nahrazuji téma č. 28, Ohleduplný sobec.


"I wish you wouldn't let him walk all over you, sir!" Kryten hobbled down the corridor, following in Lister's footsteps.

"Look who's talking!" Lister snorted, cracking open his can of lager. "You do whatever Rimmer says. After everything I've taught ya!"

"That's different!" Kryten huffed. "I'm compelled to obey him, and he's so good at giving orders. But you, sir! You're human!"

Lister sighed, leaning against the doorway to his quarters. "Krytes... Rimmer may be a smeghead, but that's his nature. He does the best he can with it. He tries, man."

"That's not enough!"

Lister smiled. "It will be."

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