Hold Your Friends Close

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She went to the Professor ostensibly to discuss her next trip to Petra.
"I am bringing Eyal in," he responded, surprisingly. "I don't want you distracted from the Synergy project - with him here, you don't have to travel there."
She cursed.
The three father figures in her life didn't have much in common, but the one trait she shared with all of them was stubbornness.
She suspected that what ultimately drove her biological dad to disown her, was cunning - something the two others had in plenty, but he lacked.
She's going to need both to get out of this pickle.


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Jsem napnutá jak kšandy.

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Je to pořád stejně napínavý a vůbec jí to nezávidím.

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ale sakrapráce. Držim palce.

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